The Idea

Last Hours: Survival started as student project and is developed by a small team of survival fans. In 2021 we developed a prototype of our game and mid 2022 a huge progress was made possible through support from private person. In the first stages the game will be supported by many high-quality Unreal Engine Marketplace assets, which we will replaced over time, nevertheless it is necessary because we are just a very small team right now. In order to develop the best possible survival game, we ask for a lot of feedback in the test phases and during early access.

The Game

Create your survivor according to your imagination. Evolve by collecting better gear and learning new crafting recipes. Gather your friends, find a suitable location and build, defend and upgrade your base. Face numerous dangers such the infected, wild animals or other survivors. Find out what drove humanity to the brink of extinction. Have fun with numerous events like airdrops or bandit bases.

Our plans for the Early Access:

  • Survival Mechanics
  • Character Customization
  • Crafting and Basebuilding
  • Numerous Enemies
  • Modifiable Weapons
  • Different Vehicles
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Day / Night Cycle
  • Stable Multiplayer
  • Server Events

Later we will include features like:

  • Diseases and Temperature
  • Trading and Economy
  • Skill System
  • Recruitable Compagnions


March 2023

Fist Playtests

September 2023

Closed Alpha

December 2023

Early Access Start