Navigate the harsh realities of hunger, thirst, and fluctuating temperatures as you scavenge for resources to stay alive. Hunt wild animals for sustenance, collect rainwater to quench your thirst, and ignite fires to stave off the biting cold. In a world where bandits roam freely, survival means being ready to fight. Defend yourself against ruthless foes and gather essential resources to fortify your defenses. Grind vehicles for materials, search abandoned boxes for supplies, and eliminate bandits to upgrade your arsenal.




Forge your own path to survival by constructing a fortified home for yourself or teaming up with friends to create a thriving community. Utilize electric devices such as traps, lights, and turrets to bolster your defenses, and upgrade your structures with stronger materials for enhanced resilience. Automate essential tasks by assigning rescued survivors to assist you.


Forge alliances with fellow survivors to reclaim territories and secure the most coveted building spots. Collaborate with others by sharing equipment and resources to increase your chances of survival or embrace the lawless nature of the world by plundering and taking prisoners.




Express yourself by designing a character that reflects your unique style and personality. Enhance your weapons with customizable attachments and adorn your gear with special skins to stand out amidst the chaos.


Unravel the mysteries of the apocalypse as you uncover the stories of diverse survivors and piece together the events that led to the downfall of civilization. Hone your skills and evolve into a formidable survivor capable of overcoming any obstacle in your path to survival.



February 2024

Fist Playtests

September 2024

Closed Alpha

October 2024

Early Access Start